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        Our Culture

        We are here to make a difference for the businesses, people and communities we serve by providing guidance and support during critical moments.

        We are a “brains” business. Clients hire us for what we know and what we can help them accomplish. This defines our culture. We are people who thrive on working together, harnessing our collective intelligence across business units, borders and backgrounds.

        We are people who speak up, and leaders who listen, because there’s always a better way to do things. We are people who live fully, because people who love their lives bring their best selves to every challenge. We are people who build trust by doing the right thing, even when it's not the easiest thing.

        I believe one of the most important things about being a great company is always seeking a smarter way and having a culture that believes we can build something better."

        — Dan Glaser, President and CEO

        Our culture is what makes our company more than the sum of its parts.
        It rests on four commitments:

        • Enabling Client Success
          Marsh & McLennan Companies helps clients identify new opportunities by addressing the full range of risks, facilitating capital flows and overcoming barriers to investment.

          • SUPPLY CHAIN


          • TALENT

          • TECH FOR CLIENTS

        • Finding the Smarter Way
          Innovation is everybody’s business. We celebrate colleagues who show us new ways to do things, whether it’s a better office process or a breakthrough for a client.

          • CYBER SECURITY

          • TECHNOLOGY

          • WOMEN AT WORK

          • ENERGY

        • Working Side by Side
          Collaboration is the soul of our enterprise and diversity is a fundamental strategy. We succeed when we bring the widest range of people and views to the table.




          • GOVERNANCE

        • Living the Greater Good
          Clients trust us with their most pressing challenges and ardent goals. We are committed to integrity in everything that we do, building trusted relationships with our clients, shareholders, communities and each other.

          • CAMPUS SAFETY




        Corporate Citizenship

        The energy and skills of our over 75,000 colleagues can be a powerful resource. As a global organization, we focus on challenges where our expertise can make a difference. Here is some of what we're doing right now.

        See MoreIn our latest Citizenship Report