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        We are Marsh

        a global leader in insurance broking and risk management. We enable clients to grow, innovate and create value by helping them understand and better manage the risks they face, and ensuring they have the resiliency to withstand the unexpected. Marsh partners with clients to turn uncertainty into opportunity.

        Marsh provides risk management, risk consulting, insurance broking, alternative risk financing and insurance program management services to businesses, government entities, organizations and individuals around the world. Our team approach draws on dozens of industry and risk specialties within Marsh to customize solutions for each client.

        • 1871 Year Founded
        • 34,000+ Colleagues
        • 500 Offices Worldwide

        Unique scale and scope enables us to bring unmatched market knowledge and resources to any challenge.

        • Global Corporations

          Marsh helps the world’s largest enterprises address the complex, interconnected risks that come with doing business on a global scale.

        • Midsize Businesses

          Marsh industry specialists help the world’s most dynamic companies meet local challenges and address the risks that come with growth.

        • Small Businesses

          Marsh helps small companies secure the insurance they need in the most efficient way, so that their owners can focus on running the business.

        • Member Organizations

          Marsh helps professional organizations, trade associations, and affinity groups address their own unique risks and deliver added value to their members.

        • Individuals

          Marsh helps professionals and affluent individuals enjoy peace of mind by protecting their property, their wealth, and their lifestyles.

        • Insurers

          Marsh works side by side with global, regional, and local insurance providers to develop the most effective and innovative solutions for clients.